A Thankful Time of Year

Thanksgiving is a time of year that makes me remember exactly how lucky I am and remember to give thanks for all the things in  my life that I tend to take for granted each and every other day of the year.   I have so much to be thankful for that it would take forever to list them all, so I am going to list the most important ones only.

I am thankful f or my children, they have always brought me so much joy and happiness.  I am so proud of all of them(the ones I have given birth to and the ones I have inherited).  They have all given me the joy of grandchildren, a special kind of joy that only a grandparent can understand.

I am so very thankful for my husband.  We have been together since 1999 and he has been my best friend since the first moment we met.  I was never able to say that before, it was more like my husband was my worst enemy, so I am very thankful for all the love, comfort, and support he is always ready to give me.  He is a super person and husband.

Of course I am so happy to have a home and to have a car that I know will start and take me where I want to go and get me home again.  Also the fact that these things are paid for is also a source of thankfulness!   I am also thankful to  be able to go into my kitchen and always find something there to eat.  (sometimes finding more than I need!)  My heart goes out to parents that struggle every day just to keep food in the bellies of their children and for the homeless that struggle just to find a piece of food and a place to rest their heads.  I try to  always remember that “there but for the grace of God, go I”.

I am extremely thankful for my job.  While so many friends and family are in a place of unemployment at this time I am extremely lucky to not just have a job but to  have one that not only offers insurance,  but also pays the premium for my health and life insurance.

I am so thankful for my sisters, they are always there to give me support whenever I need it.  They have always been so very important to me.  Spending time with them is one of my favorite activities!

I am thankful that I was born, raised, and live in the United States of America.  Yes, we do have our problems, but it is still the grandest nation and I certainly would not want to live anywhere else in this world.

I am so thankful for all my friends and my extended family.  I have so many memories of all of you and hold you close in my heart each and every day.

I hope everyone has the most wonderful Thanksgiving and will take a moment to remember all the wonderful things and persons in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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