Upgrading to Ipod Touch

About two years ago my computer crashed, all my files for my Ipod Nano 3rd generation were on that computer.   Although we bought a new desktop computer for my husband and a laptop for myself, I  was not smart enough to figure out how to get my Ipod Nano transferred to the new computers.  I tried everything, I bought programs that were suppose to do that, but if they did this ole lady wasn’t able to figure it out, so for the last two years I have listened to the same songs over and over again.  Now I know I have at least five hundred  dollars worth of music and videos on the Nano, but I was aching for some new music!

I studied and studied  mp3 players, Ipods and all of the other brands.  I had a really hard time letting go of my Nano.  I had sworn over and over again that I would never own another apple product.  It irks me how they have such control over their products.  But after much research I decided on the Ipod Touch.  I have to say it is pretty dazzling with all the abilities contained in this one little, super thin device!  Leaves my little Nano out in the cold.  I have enjoyed the apps very much.  So cool to check Facebook, Twitter or play a game of Angry Birds,  but I have to say, the quality of sound when playing music lacks a lot to be desired!  I think they have concentrated so hard on all the other stuff that the audio quality has been lost in the dust!  I find this very disappointing!

Ipod is an MP3 player, so shouldn’t the mp3s sound wonderful when you listen to them?  Yes it is great that it has a speaker, yes it is great that it has the internet, yes it is great that I can check my email while jamming out to my music, but I really could live without all of that.  I probably should have saved myself some money and purchased the Ipod Shuffle, but being the  hightech redneck that I am, I have to have the one that is all it can be!

So..  I check my email, Facebook, Twitter, play angry birds, take pictures, edit my blog all on my Ipod Touch, but when I really want to hear some great sounding music, I pull out the ole 3rd generation Nano.  Some things can’t be improved upon!


3 thoughts on “Upgrading to Ipod Touch

  1. Hi, just stopping by to pay a visit! Congrats on being so “tech-savy”…I’m still lost back in the world of CD’s and radio. LOL When I want music, I crank up the old stereo with its massive Sansui speakers…that we’ve had since the 70’s! It still sounds great.


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