I Miss Halloween

Little Old Man and Two Little Clowns.. Halloween 1982
My Little Elephant Halloween 2010

Do you like Halloween?  It has always been one of my favorite times of year.  When my children were young it was  such an exciting day for us.  I usually made their costumes and we met my sisters and their cousins at my mom’s and had a big ole party.  I enjoyed seeing all the children dressed up and some of the parents too.  Seems to me people really got involved in the mood of the day back then, not so much now, here, in this neighborhood.  I had 0 trick or treaters last year! 0!  The year before I had 3.  I love to decorate, but no one else even puts out a jack-o-lantern and most don’t even turn on a porch light!  What is up with these people?!  Who would want to let their kids go knock on someone’s door that does not even have the path lit up?  I don’t even decorate much any more, in fact now October 1st brings a month of depression!

My Grands really love Halloween, of course their parents (my kids) loved it too.  They all live in a different city and when Halloween falls during the week I don’t get to see them.  I do get to see pictures, but it isn’t the same thing at all.  I miss the kids, the laughter, the candy, the fun.

I miss Halloween
Cutest Scare Crow Ever!! Halloween 2010
My Little Bat...Halloween 2010

8 thoughts on “I Miss Halloween

  1. I miss Halloween too! maybe we could come up the weekend before,and have our own little block party,I bet Anna and Ryan would love it too Hot dogs and chilli,and all kinds of goodys! love you!


  2. This will be my first real Halloween in years. Every year I decorate, buy candy, and get dressed up but no one shows up. There are very few kids out and I can’t figure out where they are. When I was young the streets were teaming with kids. Now no one. However this year my daughter is old enough to go out and I’m excited. We’ve been working on saying trick or treat for days and I’m working on our costumes. Hopefully this year is better for you.


    1. I know you are so excited! This will be a Halloween to remember! Take lots of pictures because you will want those memories when she grows up! ( I am sure you know that already lol). Be sure and post some too!
      I agree Halloween is not like it used to be, I really do miss it.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading and commenting on my blog. Have a wonderful evening and Halloween!


  3. Aww this makes me sad 😦 My Mom has the same problem- no kids come trick or treating anymore and she’s usually the only house on the block with a light on! It seems like people celebrated/enjoyed it more when I was a kid(in the 80s) but maybe that’s just me being nostalgic… Stopping by from the weekend wander- hope your Halloween ends up being fun anyway!


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