Okay, I am on Facebook and Google Plus…Now What?

For a couple of years before I joined Facebook, I was on My Space.  My children were all into Facebook and talked about it constantly!  Every time I asked what it was like or if it was better then My Space they just rolled their eyes and informed me that “Facebook is for the college crowd, or recent graduates”.  This always made me feel old  and “out of it”.

I continued on with My Space for a year or so, friends were mostly family and some people I had met online.  I tried out Eons, a website that is for seniors, and all that did was make me feel older then I really am(and I am old enough as it is!)  and that was not so good for my ego.  On Eons I discovered that most of us who are senior citizens are pretty dull and boring.  Then one day about two years ago, I decided to take the plunge into Facebook.  I had several friends that were my age who were on Facebook and liked it quite a bit, so despite my children’s opinion I joined.

I really don’t think life has been the same since joining Facebook.  People that I had not seen, or even heard about, for years were suddenly coming out of the cracks and requesting friendship.  I was amazed!  I found old neighbors, school chums, cousins, and even some old boyfriends.  I had to ask myself,” can life get any better then this?”.  I had a personal Facebook profile, I had a profile just for my Red Hat Society friends, and I  spent just about every waking moment on Facebook.    One day while playing Social City on Facebook and adding new friends just so I could continue my upward creep into higher ranks in this game, I realized that I didn’t know these people, not only did I not know these game friends, I didn’t know two thirds of the friends on my Red Hat profile.  Sure, they were all red hatters, but I had never actually laid eyes on them.  I realized that most of the people I did know on my personal profile, I really had not cared that much for in school and they really had not cared much for me, so why would they want to be friends now?  It seemed to me to be a popularity contest, and I had been caught up in it hook, line and sinker!

I have deleted my Red Hat profile, if you want to call it deleted because it is still lurking around in Facebookland some where, it will never be completely deleted!  I have unfriended a lot of people on my personal profile and I try not to get suckered  into the Facebook game world.  I have a lot less friends on Facebook now, but I do know  most of them.  I do have a blog page, but that is a completely different story and different blogging subject for a later date.  Facebook is still great tho, I do still spend a lot of time on it, and as far as My Space is concerned, I have not logged back onto that website since joining Facebook.   Even with all of Facebooks problems and cons, it is much better then My Space.

I recently joined Google plus.  I don’t know why, I guess just because it is there.  A lot of the blogs I visit have the Google+ 1 button , invitations to visit their Google Plus profile,  and the fact that you had to have an invitation to join  just about drove me crazy unil I could get one!  So there I am sitting among my circles, not  knowing very many people that are Google Plus members. So… guess what I have done.  I have added people to my circles that I do not know simply because we share similar interest.  Do we see a pattern here?

Okay, so I am on My Space, Eons, Facebook, and Google Plus.  So what now?

Are you on any of these sites?              Maybe we can be friends!




6 thoughts on “Okay, I am on Facebook and Google Plus…Now What?

  1. Great post! I also am on Google + as of last week. I am not sure where my invite came from, but one day it was just there. I have always been leary of adding people to my Facebook that I do not know, and now I don’t have anyone on Google +! Like you, I am just there because it’s there! Be blessed today!


  2. Generally I don’t read post on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, very nice post.


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