Dancing With My Son

Mother and son dance
Dancing with my son

I have five wonderful children. Three of them are sons. My oldest son recently married the girl of both our dreams and it was a beautiful and wonderful day. The bride was beautiful! The groom was handsome! And the Mother of the groom was ecstatic!

The wedding was one of the most original I have ever attended. My children grew up in a sparsely populated and out in the woods place, high up on a mountain is Southeast Tennessee. My sons, and daughters too, loved to go camping and hiking in the eighty-eight acres that surrounded our home. A special place for them was what we always called “Curve Rock”. Many days and nights were spent camping in the woods, cooling in the stream, and hiking and climbing on the near by rocks. Curve Rock was the setting for my son’s recent wedding.

Christa and her dad
The New Mr. and Mrs. Headrick
The bride and her new crazy family!
My children arranged by age from left to right
Me, My son, My husband

Even tho the stream had dried up because of lack of rain all summer, everything was beautiful. It was small with close friends and family and the setting was ideal!

However, the reception was where all the fun began! I would say that there must have been over three hundred people and everything was just lovely. The wedding cake and the groom’s cake were great and the bride and groom were so nice to each other and did not smear cake all over each others face ( I think they should have!).
However, as far as this mom is concerned, the best part by far was the Mother and Son dance. I have dreamed all my life about this day, and it was all that and more. Travis and I had discussed several songs that we would like to be “our dance” but the final decision was up to him and it was a great one. He chose Teach Your Children by Crosby Stills Nash and Young. One of my all time favorites and the dance was fun, emotional and worth the 31 years of waiting!

I must say that when your son  gets married it is a lot different then when your daughter is getting married. It is said  the bride and her mom are the princess and queen of the day. I have no problem with that, I agree it is all about the bride. I did what every good mother of the groom does and most of the time just stayed out of the way and kept my mouth shut. But in the end, the dance with my son made me feel like a true fairy god mother!
I love you Trav, you have a wonderful and beautiful wife. I know you will be so happy as you go through your life together! Take your time, enjoy every minute together, always put her first (yes, even before me) and settle down and get started on having me some grands! Love you both very much!

The Happy Couple
First kiss as husband and wife!

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